• A Guide to Properly Choosing Facilities for Self Storage in Queens


    A Guide to Properly Choosing Facilities for Self Storage in Queens


    Why do some people keep things that they don’t seem to actually need? The reasons may vary, but not everybody who stores things is necessarily a hoarder—which has a negative economic connotation. Most people keep things of personal value to them which can accumulate to a lot of clutter.

    The good news is: this clutter can be avoided by using self-storage facilities that have become popular throughout the U.S. even in big cities like New York which has facilities for self storage in Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan and other parts of the metropolitan area. In fact, the use of these types of facilities like those offered by Gibraltar Self Storage has become widely-accepted by many Americans. An article by Todd Koepke posted at Angieslist.com says as much:

    According to Self Storage Association, one out of every 10 households in the
    United States now uses self-storage space. Throughout the country, there are
    approximately 50,000 self-storage facilities that account for more than 2 billion
    square feet of storage space.

    However, not all Queens self storage facilities provide the same value to their users. For one, they too can be robbed or burglarized by those looking to take advantage of people’s need to store their belongings. In this connection, the article writer provides suggestions to help people pick the right self-storage facility, some of which are summarized below:

    Check the accessibility hours – this will ensure you’ll have access during hours
    that are most convenient for your needs.

    Choose a self-storage facility that is secure, well-lit and safe – this includes the
    physical set-up, lighting and alarm systems.

    Check the access policy – how easy or difficult you want it to be depends on
    your personal preference.

    Inventory System – the facility must be able to keep track of all storage unit
    contents with detailed records of all items.

    The writer further suggests that you take photos of all the items stored in your unit to help police investigators in case of theft or pilferage and to purchase and use a disc-style disc. A well-maintained and secure self storage facility will be able to protect your personal belongings from any kind of harm. Choose wisely.

    (From What you need to know about self storage, Angieslist.com, May 29, 2013)

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