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    Secured Self Storage Units in the Jamaica & Queens, NY Areas

    Student Storage in NYC

    Need a place to keep your stuff between Semesters? No room for all the things your roommate can’t tolerate but you still want to hold on to? Looking for a secure place to keep your valuables. No need to fret.

    Gibraltar Self Storage is the place for your stuff. Conveniently located near St. Johns and York Colleges Queens, NY many students have found an efficient and safe solution to their storage dilemma.

    Easy Access
    Open 7 days a week students can have quick and easy access to their treasured belongings without cluttering up their minimal personal space. Between Semesters there’s no need to take everything home with you and back again. Keep your valuables, clothes and electronics safe in Gibraltar Self Storage where security is our first priority.

    Safe and Secure
    Your personal items will be well protected at Gibraltar Self Storage. With your own lock and your own key, only you will have access to your storage unit. We have a State-of–the-art 24-hours surveillance system in place and many other security measures such as perimeter fencing, access gates and a top-notch alarm system. You can rest assured that you have stored your items in one of the best self storage facilities in NYC.

    Excellent Service
    Our friendly and courteous staff will assist in selecting a storage unit that suits your personal storage needs. Whether you need a small cube, locker, closet or larger room, Gibraltar Self Storage has something just for you.

    There are no long-term commitments, no security deposits and our very affordable prices are especially suitable for the college student like yourself. Make sure to ask about our specials.

    Gibraltar Self Storage in Queens Specializes in student self storage for:

    • Storage between semesters
    • Change of season personal items
    • Extras that you want nearby but don’t quite fit in your room
    • Luggage and Sports equipment
    • Valuables that are better left in a secure place

    Packing Supplies
    At Gibraltar Self Storage in Queens, NY we offer all kinds of packaging, boxes, tape and supplies to suit your personal storage needs. Just ask at the front desk and our staff will be glad to assist you.

    Yes, it is possible to have all your things easily accessible and still get along with your roommate! Let Gibraltar Self Storage make your college stay a comfortable and successful experience.

    Moving in or out of your college?

    Do you need a fast and convenient solution for your student storage needs? Do you need longer term storage answers to limited dorm space for the items not necessarily needed on a daily basis?
    Gibraltar Storage can provide both short and long term storage solutions for student furniture, boxes, belongings, seasonal clothes, computers, books, room heaters, air conditioners – just about anything a student needs to get through the school year. Gibraltar Storage can be the convenient storage alternative to transporting and lugging all of that stuff cross country or from just house to college over and over.

    Click here now to check out our many storage size options to fit your specific requirements.


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