Beth Mattson-Tieg reports that self-storage investors are now looking at markets other than the major metropolitan areas like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. These investors are targeting secondary urban markets which exhibit job growth and attractive housing opportunities. They are also looking at areas where residents are known to be mobile, or have a high potential for mobility.

Queens, New York may appear to be a traditional market for self-storage; and indeed the demographics of the place makes it a prime location for storage providers. However, neighboring communities such as Brooklyn and Long Island are also considered growth locations, thus further driving the need for storage facilities in the region. With the tightening competition for dependable and secure storage in Queens, customers can expect reputable companies such as Gibraltar Self Storage to continuously improve their services, and thereby meet growing consumer demand.

While largely residential areas, Queens and the adjacent communities of Brooklyn and Long Island are seeing growth in the commercial sectors as well. The growth of the business sector in any location is often accompanied by the rise in the number of residents who traditionally go where the jobs are. As businesses flourish in these areas, the need for self-storage increases exponentially to accommodate rising household and commercial needs.

Hence, Queens self storage providers have to offer services that can cater to a wider range of customers. Cost-efficiency, security, and convenience are among the top factors customers consider when choosing a storage facility. Storage companies also need to be flexible enough to accommodate materials of any size and purpose, which can be as varied as students’ books, household appliances, and business documents.

Tieg also states that urban markets remain the top choice of self storage investors. Urban living demands storage services that can keep up with its frenetic pace. The kinds of services companies like Gibraltar Self Storage have to offer—such as 24/7 operations, and moving and transporting support—are precisely what urban dwellers need for their busy and mobile lifestyles.

Given the fast-paced life in New York City, it can be expected to remain a leading self-storage market for man more years, despite the emergence of secondary markets around the country. As the city continues to grow commercially, the local population’s storage needs will also continue to rise and diversify. Reliable storage companies have to continually step up their facilities and service offerings to remain the top choices within this highly competitive environment.