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Using self-storage facilities is a widely accepted solution in the U.S. Self-storage units are commonly used by both individuals and businesses to store away a slew of items for later use. Small to medium business that have a large inventory of products or office documents but don’t have enough space in their establishments opt to use storage facilities. Homeowners also use storage rooms or lockers to keep extra furniture, appliances and personal items they don’t use often or simply want to keep but do not have space for in their homes.
However convenient, self-storage facilities still have notable disadvantages. One of these concerns accessibility. Some storage facilities are open only during the usual business hours, which is normally up to 5 PM on weekdays. If the facility you’ve rented is a bit far from where you live or work, chances are you might not be able to easily access your own items. Other storage facilities that operate during usual business hours may also be closed on weekends and holidays, making it even more difficult for you to get to your items.
If you are looking for storage in Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn or in any of New York City’s boroughs, why not store your important belongings at Gibraltar Self Storage? Check out our operating hours below:
Monday – Friday: 8am – 7pm Saturday – Sunday: 9am – 5pm
We understand your need to access your storage at different times of the day. That is why we don’t operate on the normal business hours. Not only is our storage facility in Hollis, Queens very easy to get to, but we also make our facility available for your convenience. Gibraltar Self Storage is open 7 days a week. We have extended hours to meet your busy schedule for your personal and business storage needs. We are open earlier and longer during the holiday seasons!

Be sure to check here for holiday hours – it is always updated with current info.

Passover: Office will be closed on 

April 1,

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However Unit Access is 7 days a week.

Self-Storage Solution for New York Residents and Businesses

We offer all types of storage sizes to meet your specific needs, from small personal lockers and rooms to large commercial spaces. Apart from providing you the most affordable storage rates in New York, we are also unlike other self storage companies as we readily entertain your needs without requiring you to pay a security deposit. If it is your first time using our facility, you won’t be disappointed by our services.
So if you happen to own a home or an establishment that is running out of space due to the amount of items you need to store and would want to inquire about storage in Queens, Staten Island, Brooklyn, The Bronx, or Manhattan, feel free to visit or contact us at Gibraltar Self Storage. We are available all days of the week at extended hours, ready to provide you with the storage solution you need.

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Commercial Freight or Household Goods.

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Tips To Make Your Gibraltar Move Hassle Free!

This page is a friendly guide to moving and self storage with helpful tips and reminders. Of course, this is just moving tips and you should use common sense while planning your move, loading your belongings and unpacking at our self storage facilities. Always know your surroundings and be on the alert. Items are stolen very easily during moving.