Household Self Storage

Household Storage


Remember moving to your first home, and saw how bare it was?

Slowly but surely you filled your house with the essentials and before you knew it it was filling up with knick-knacks as well. As the years go by, we accumulate more and more things in our life and eventually we need to let them go. While most of us tend to just dispose of unwanted things after using them, some things are still valuable and you just wish you had a bigger house or at least somewhere to tuck your old, but precious possessions away in.

Gibraltar Self Storage offers

24 hour secure storage services for people in New York City, especially in Jamaica and Queens, and its surrounding areas. We specialize in personal, household, and business storage needs. We also have storage spaces ranging from small ones for trinkets or documents, to large rooms for storing all your furniture when moving. Seven loading docks and elevators mean there is more than enough room when you need it.

Safe and Secure

We understand that your items need proper treatment if they are to be stored in our facilities. We offer climate controlled storage spaces so that your items are not prone to the wear and tear brought by the hot or cold weather that the seasons can bring. We have designed our storage facilities to suit the needs of all kinds of customers. With access to your facility very personalized which means you control when and how you access your storage space to add or remove anything from it.

Packing and Moving Supplies

Apart from climate control, we also use all packing supplies available including boxes, tape, bubble-wrap and more to make sure your items are safe, and at the same condition you left it on. We provide easy access within our facility grounds, and a free moving truck service to help with moving your items. Security is also a top priority, we offer a variety of security features, including 24-hour video surveillance, electronic-gated access, and well lit surroundings to make sure that not just your items are safe, but more importantly you.

So set up an appointment with us now so we can work out what storage is best for you!



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