GibraltarStorage-snippetCTV News recently covered the launch of a unique exhibit in the Museum of the City of New York that features a 325-square-foot studio apartment where visitors can stay for a single day. The micro-unit features small yet comfortable accommodations, with not a single inch of space wasted. Visitors’ reactions to the showcase were mixed, but generally positive, with praise directed toward the creative use of space in these model apartment units.

Space has always been a problem for residents of New York City, which is notorious for its rather high urban density. While one can get used to micro-living in such a cramped metropolis, storage space for one’s belongings remains a pressing concern for most folks. Fortunately, residents can utilize hassle-free storage in Queens to maximize their living space while clearing away their clutter.

The exhibit, entitled “Making Room: New Models for Housing New Yorkers”, offers a glimpse into the future of New York housing solutions. This exhibit also features designs submitted to a small-apartment contest sponsored by Mayor Michael Bloomberg himself. The museum will continue to host the exhibit until September 2, 2013.

The micro-apartment never fails to elicit responses from visitors. One woman noted that it all “worked out perfectly,” provided that every single item was in its designated place. Another visitor commented that she would probably need more “closet space” than that provided in the model micro-apartment, while yet another woman quipped that she would gladly live in a 300-square-foot apartment, but only if she were alone. In any case, such space constraints would probably be a less pressing concern for those who lease their own self-storage units.

Small apartment housing might be the future for most New Yorkers, but such living accommodations can be challenging to those who have way too much stuff on their hands. Those who decide to live small don’t necessarily have to let go of their belongings, however, as companies like Gibraltar Self Storage offer affordable and convenient self storage for Queens and other Big Apple denizens. You can keep all the essential items you need in your little apartment unit and store your other belongings in a safe location that can be accessed after office hours and even on weekends.

Compact apartment designs offer an ingenious solution to space constraints due to a burgeoning population. Meanwhile, convenient and affordable self storage solutions enable apartment dwellers in New York City to get rid of clutter without giving up most of their prized possessions.