NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — With spring having arrived, it’s time to clear out the cobwebs and make a big sweep – but experts say you shouldn’t just throw away all your clutter.

As CBS 2’s Kristine Johnson reported Tuesday, it has never been easier to turn your spring cleaning trash into cash.

Just when it appears Carly Fauth is surfing the Internet, she says she’s actually spring cleaning online.

“I purge clothes, electronics, anything we’re not using,” she said.

And new websites make it easier to make money from your mess.
“A ton of different sites have popped up, to help consumers not only get rid of their unwanted stuff, but help you make a little bit extra cash,” said Kyle Taylor of ThePennyHoarder.com.

Conventional wisdom states that when you no longer need something, you throw or give it away, but whoever said that never made money off of the resale market. In fact, for old belongings that you would call ‘junk’, there is a very strong market that would call them ‘vintage’ or ‘antique’; that market could buy them off you for thousands of dollars beyond the purchase price. For example, some of the most popular items today are leather-bound books, old letters, signed works from famous personalities, and old style furniture from decades ago.

A city like New York has a huge market for these things; as such, the Internet has sites like Ebay.com and there are many flea markets and pawn shops throughout the city that can help you make your items visible to the public. However, the resale business is not exactly the most consistent; sometimes it might take weeks to months before you can find a suitable buyer for your things, especially if they’re large items such as sofas. This is why you should engage the services of NYC storage companies such as Gibraltar Self Storage, who can hold on to your things securely while you wait for an appropriate buyer.

Many homes in the U.S. are cluttered with unnecessary things. Instead of having them take up space that could be more useful, and rather than simply throwing them away, store them in NYC mini storage units, advertise them online, and sell them for a profit. You never know what your ‘junk’ could get you: last year, a first edition comic book sold for almost half a million dollars.

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