A news article from Inside Self-Storage proudly proclaims that the self-storage industry in the United States remains quite strong despite the 2008-2009 recession that hobbled the nation’s economy. The article cites a recent report from Moody’s Investors Service which states that the self-storage market is poised to stay strong for at least three more years due to stable consumer demand. Analyst Alice Chung attributes the industry’s continued success to short-term leases, as well as the very fact that self-storage companies enjoy a rather diverse customer base.

Consequently, Brooklyn storage services are expected to enjoy high demand in the coming years. Some local businesses in this heavily populated New York City borough will, no doubt, need suitable storage options which are able to literally keep anything under lock and key, whether as a cost-saving measure, or as a logistical requirement. In any case, households and businesses with simply no room to spare can count on companies like Gibraltar Self Storage to provide secure self-storage solutions.

Industry experts note that as of 2012, one in every ten households in the U.S. rented a storage unit—a 65 percent increase compared to 1 out of 17 in 1995. One can therefore surmise that the housing market and the country’s growing population exert a significant impact on the self-storage industry. The Moody’s report specifically mentions that individuals aged 18 to 34 (a.k.a. “echo boomers”) are likely to rent self-storage units, as most them live in apartments with limited space.

The ability to offer flexible storage solutions is another feature the best self-storage companies have in common. Accordingly, many self-storage companies are in a position to cater to the moving industry. Companies like Gibraltar Self Storage, for instance, offer standard 10x12x8 units, massive commercial rooms that can accommodate truckloads of inventory on pallets, and high-quality packaging materials that make it easier to prepare items for immediate moving.

Market-wise, there is also an emerging disparity between large self-storage companies and small, independent storage contractors. According to Moody’s, self-storage real estate investment trusts are likely to slowly, but steadily, buy off smaller competitors as the economy continues to improve. Meanwhile, more businesses and institutions and businesses are expected to outsource their storage needs rather than invest in additional storage facilities.

In any case, those who require Brooklyn self storage services may want to set their sights on dependable storage providers known for reasonable pricing and the highest service standards. At the rate things are going, storage companies won’t be going out of business anytime soon.