The self-storage industry is experiencing a boom not just in New York, but across the country as well. According to an article on Inside Self-Storage, the industry is exhibiting signs of continuous growth due to an improving economy and a growing number of consumers who opt for self-storage for various reasons. For the next year and a half, analysts predict that companies like Gibraltar Self Storage will find themselves catering to homeowners and businesses in equal measure.

Such a phenomenon shouldn’t come entirely as a surprise, given that there will almost never be a shortage of people who need to stash their possessions and valuable documents in a safe place. NYC storage services will always have a ready market; the only thing that may affect demand is whether customers can still afford pay for such services.

An interesting fact about self-storage in the Big Apple is that Section 182 of the New York Lien Law grants storage companies the freedom to sell off the contents of unpaid storage facilities, provided they inform the owners properly beforehand. The sale of these items takes place at public auctions, like those popularized by hit TV shows Auction Hunters and Storage Wars. Renewed public interest in an industry that barely made a name for itself during the 1970s can be attributed to the rather sizable viewership of these television programs, which help educate people about self-storage.

Long-term off-site storage services, in particular, offer businesses with a relatively low-cost way to stash excess items. Reputable companies like Gibraltar Self Storage offer convenient document storage in NYC that eliminates the need for businesses to set up additional storage facilities on their own premises. Some storage companies are following suit, and are now retrofitting their facilities with state-of-the-art features and security systems to store specific kinds of items.

Interestingly, storage companies can also act as emergency warehouses in the event of natural calamities. A clear example would be the devastation left behind by Hurricane Sandy last 2012, causing quite a number of homeowners on the East Coast to store their household items in storage units as they proceeded to rebuild their ravaged homes. Meanwhile, ongoing efforts to improve their facilities also means that storage companies are giving customers even more storage options.

As the economy continues to improve and generate more jobs, the self-storage industry should see sustained growth in the coming months. For now, the important thing is that consumers and businesses have a lot of reasonably priced and secure offsite choices for their long-term and short-term storage needs.