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Mini &Self Storage Facilities in Queens & Jamaica, NY

Lockers Priced at $16.95 and Up

When looking for self-storage facilities, you would want the unit to be just big enough to store all your items in. Unfortunately, a lot of self-storage providers either offer units that provide too small a space or units that are too large that you don’t get to use them fully. Some individuals and companies looking for self-storage facilities often find it difficult to rent units that have just the right space for their documents, equipment, furniture and other valuables.

Gibraltar Self Storage is a state-of-the-art facility with a variety of exceptional features to meet all of your storage needs. Whether you are in search of commercial or residential mini self storage in Brooklyn, Queens, or Manhattan, we have numerous storage units of different sizes to meet your exact storage needs. Our facility also features seven loading docks and freight elevators for your added convenience, and a full range of packaging supplies to help fulfill all your storage requirements.

Types and Sizes

Lockers and Closets

3x4x4 To 3x5x8

Store a few boxes, suitcases or other small items in these rooms.

Small Rooms

4x5x8 To 5x8x8

These sizes are great for seasonal clothing, 15 – 30 boxes,a couch, or small pieces of furniture

Medium Rooms

5x10x8 To 10x10x8

Fits in the contents of a studio apartment or up to one bedroom apartment.Many business use our medium sized rooms to store documents and file boxes

large Rooms

10x12x8 To 10x20x8

Store a few boxes, suitcases or other small items in these rooms.

Extra large Rooms

10x21x8 To 15x20x8

Store a few boxes, suitcases or other small items in these rooms.

Commercial Rooms

300sf 500sf 1000sf 3000sf

Store a few boxes, suitcases or other small items in these rooms.

Safe and Secure Storage

Apart from the strict access control, perimeter fencing, and digital surveillance present at our facility, our units also feature storage room alarms. We also offer climate controlled units that significantly help preserve the integrity of whatever type of sensitive items you need to store.

We offer some of the most competitive rates for self-storage in New York City, all of which are dependent on the size of the storage unit you require. We offer lockers, closets, and even large commercial spaces, ensuring you get the exact amount of space you need. Our rates help you avoid paying for space that you won’t use or paying an excessive amount because you have to rent multiple small units like you would with other providers.

So whether it’s a small briefcase full of documents, or an entire inventory of company equipment that you need to store, Gibraltar Self Storage is prepared to provide you with what you need. Our storage facility is conveniently located in Jamaica Avenue in Hollis, Queens, and can easily be accessed from anywhere in the five boroughs of New York City. We’re also in proximity of the JFK and Laguardia airports for your added convenience.

For more information on our service areas including Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan, feel free to call us at (718) 878-6166.

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Packaging Tips

Tips To Make Your Gibraltar Move Hassle Free!

This page is a friendly guide to moving and self storage with helpful tips and reminders. Of course, this is just moving tips and you should use common sense while planning your move, loading your belongings and unpacking at our self storage facilities. Always know your surroundings and be on the alert. Items are stolen very easily during moving.